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When you decide to donate your unused toners and inks to us, we will use part of the money to help reforestation efforts around the globe.  Our partner for this heroic task is called One Tree Planted, based in the tree rich state Vermont, USA.  They have the knowhow and the people to make sure every penny we donate ends up sprouting roots in the soil and become a true giant of the forrest.

Recent projects include reforestation in California, where a series of droughts and immense fires has devastated over 1.3 million acres of woodlands.  Through One Tree Planted, we are committed to help replace the almost 130 million trees that got lost in the past decade of droughts and fires.

Join us in this heroic effort by donating unused ink and toner cartridges


When you donate your toner and ink to us, not only will you help reforestation, you will also receive a tree planting certificate to print and hang on your wall.

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